Frequencies & Healing

Frequencies & Healing

Everything in the universe vibrates and emits a natural frequency.

The earth for example emits what is known as the Schuman Resonance (7.83 Hz), 'Earth's heartbeat'.

Herbs, plants, trees, fruits, rocks, minerals, all emits a natural frequency. And all living matter including ourselves emits an eletromagnetic field and a frequency.

Everything has a natural frequency or vibration.

And we have yet to fully comprehend the consequencies of putting cellphone towers every 500m on a global scale, and increasing the power and EM field being emitted.

But there are steps that we can take to mitigate these effects and restore harmony back to our own toroidal electromagnetic field, with every heartbeat!

🌿 Pull the plug from your WIFI router while sleeping.
🌿 Turn off & Dont sleep in same room with your cellphone.
🌿 Diffuse Essential Oils in your room / office.
🌿 Wear natural organic fabric, no polyester. (e.g. Linen, Organic Cotton, Silk, Wool ... etc).
🌿 Fill your home with living plants and trees.
🌿 Wear 100% copper bracelets.
🌿 Spend as much time in nature as possible.
🌿 Ground yourself daily, make sure you walk bearfoot on sand, soil, grass  ... etc. Or can use copper plate to step on if living in apt building.
🌿 Listen to classical music or natural sounds from nature (birds, water, air rustling...etc) playing in your living space, while working and sleeping.

Healing comes from nature, so begin to resonate with her music. 😊

Frequencies & Healing

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