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Herbal Tinctures Egypt
Medicine making is the passion and core foundation of the work of a Learned Herbalist. From sourcing the plants, and cultivating relationships with the botanists and wildcrafters in our region, to transforming the plants into loose herbal tea blends, herbal formulation, tinctures, oils, salves …

This picture is Mullein Flower tincture which has been macerating for 4 months now and is ready to be filtered today. I use Mullein Flower tincture to soothe upper respiratory tract, mucosal lining and promote overall lung health and breathing.

A common misunderstanding is some people think that any herbal extract can be called a “Tincture”, tinctures are herbal extracts, but not all herbal extract can be classified as a tincture. A tincture is an herbal extract when alcohol or ethanol is used as the solvent to extract the plant medicine, preparing an extract using glycerin as the solvent is classified as an extract and not a tincture. Glycerin is a much weaker solvent than alcohol and will not posses the same density of plant medicine per dose.

I do recommend and take professional pure supplements myself, an integral part of reversing chronic diseases, however, botanical medicine is part of my daily routine and nothing can replace the orchestra of plant medicine working in perfect synergy according to its purpose. Some plants have existed on this planet for thousands of years without hybridization or genetic modification of any kind.

Sharing the knowledge of herbal medicine with our clients instead of giving them a mystery herbal powder and ask them to take it without teaching them the plants that they will be resonating with, is unfortunately a practice I have seen in this part of the world and is something I do not endorse nor do I respect. Education is key and learning about the plants is part of the healing process.

Most of what I have learnt comes from practical experience where I had the honor and privilege to be an apprentice and basically live with two profoundly wonderful Clinical Herbalists for 2 years.

I am finalizing some logistical elements in regards to Blessed Journey and soon will organize in-person workshops and community events in Cairo 🌿😊

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