Liver Tonic DIY Recipe

Liver Tonic DIY Recipe
One of my favorite natural remedies to assist our innate intelligence restore vitality to the Liver. Natural creation will always provide the remedies and the answers in the hands of those who are called out of the darkness. ☺️

Some of the most important supplements for the liver: Vitamin E, Sulphur (MSM), Vitamin C, copper/zinc. Fermented food such as sauerkraut & beet kvass are also excellent, restoring the microbiome is crucial as friendly bacteria create b-vitamins, recycle bile acids back to the liver… so many crucial physiological functions related to the health of the liver depends on a healthy microbiome. Everything is related!

Liver is associated with the emotions of anger, resentment. Cultivate forgiveness by praying for those who have caused you any harm in your life is a powerful conscious act of personal healing. This could be very difficult at first, but don’t give up on it.. sometimes healing the deeper emotional wounds we carry can have a profound effect on our physiology & vitality.

Disclaimer: Always work with a qualified practitioner before implementing any natural health modality, we are all different and it is the purpose of your practitioner to guide you through your natural health journey. Herbals, supplements & modalities should not be packaged and offered to a group of human beings with very different constitutions, history & stories.

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