Calendula Infused Olive Fruit Oil

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Calendula Flower Infused Olive Fruit Oil

(Calendula officinalis)
Supports healthy skin and is soothing for inflammation, scars, adhesions and bruises.

Ingredients: Organically grown Calendula Flowers infused in extra virgin olive oil. Geranium Essential Oil added to improve shelf life.

Aroma: Virtually odorless
Color: Pale yellow
Plant part: Fruit (Olives for the oil), Flowers (for infusion)
Components: Anti-oxidants and squalene (a lipid found in human skin cells)
Approximate Shelf Life is about 9 months - 1 year with proper storage conditions. Refrigeration will extend shelf life.


Keloid scars are elevated, hard scars, usually with irregular edges. The scar is benign, non-contagious and sometimes accompanied by severe itchiness and pain. They can be especially painful when they occur as a result of breast surgery. Keloid scars are caused by an overgrowth of scar tissue at the site of an injury or incision and are more frequent in dark-skinned women than light-skinned women.

Adhesions are thought of as internal scar tissue. They are bands of scar tissue that bind together internal body surfaces that ought to be free to slide by each other. Adhesions are common after abdominal surgery but can form after breast surgery.

A therapeutic salve can be made by mixing 1 part melted beeswax to 3 parts infused oil. Infused oils should be stored in a cool dry place or in the refrigerator and preferably used within one year. If stored in the fridge, the oil may solidify. Bring to room temperature before

Parker, Susan M. Power of the Seed: Your Guide to Oils for Health and Beauty, Process Self-reliance Series, page 158

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