Journey | Beginnings

In 2016, I was pursuing my career in the aerospace industry in Canada, when I experienced a severe health crisis. After many visits to the emergency room and a plethora of medical exams, I was diagnosed with several chronic diseases. My life was put on hold and any plans I had were irrelevant. 

A nearly 3 year struggle with inflammation of the digestive system, heavy metals, IBS, leaky gut and gallstones, forced me to make radical changes in my life.

Sometimes tragedies which are meant for evil, can be used for good. And that is how I perceive the initial suffering I endured. It expanded my heart and made me see and develop deep empathy with all living creatures dealing with health problems, and appreciate the strength it takes to live everyday and to overcome. Sadly so many people continue to suffer needlessly due to lack of knowledge. The first year after the initial manifestation of the symptoms, I experienced a level of suffering I never thought I could ever endure. I still remember the nights were I experienced severe pain/inflammation and had to call an ambulance to take me to the emergency room at 2 a.m. The worst part was not getting any meaningful answers, I was given a cocktail of pain medications and  steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It took me 8 months until i finally realized that there can never be any healing in this path of ignorance and apathy. Attacking the symptoms, rather than working with the body to determine and address the root cause of this affliction.

Unbeknownst to me, this tragedy was about to lead me through the greatest journey of my life... I took a leap of faith and embarked on my first steps into the path of natural healing and herbalism. I worked with naturopathic doctors, herbalists and chiropractors who opened my eyes to the truth about health and kindled a fire of hope and courage within my soul. I applied my aptitude for research and read countless books, watched hundreds of hours of lectures and conversions daily as I was beginning the process of cleansing and detoxification.

During the initial phase of my healing journey, I started to experience significant improvement and restoration, overcame all my addictions to smoking, processed foods and much more. Experienced first hand the power of herbs when used under the guidance of a learned herbalist. I started hiking and spending as much time in nature as possible,
I dug deep into the knowledge of natural healing and human physiology. I was inspired by many herbalists, teachers and mentors throughout my journey. Dr. John Bergman D.C., Dr. R.E. Tent D.C., Dr. John R. Christopher, MH., Jordan Ruben, Lou Corona, Anthony Pantalleresco, Dr. Richard Schulze. MH., Dr. Sebi, Andreas Moritz, Dr. Robert Morse, DNM, MH., Dr. Jennifer Daniels, Brittney Auerbach and many more powerful souls, warriors and truth seekers who truly are the salt of the earth. 

There are many protocols and modalities I have performed throughout this path, such as, extended water fasting, liver & Gallbladder flushes, raw food cleanses, detoxification protocols using powerful herbal blends and chelating agents, RIFE therapy and much more.

I eventually healed my body and overcame what doctors labelled as 'incurable' diseases. The profound and life changing experience I went through inspired me and revealed to me my true calling in life.

I decided to further my studies and become a registered herbalist in Canada. After completing my education at Dominion Herbal College, I prepared and submitted my thesis "Combined effect of Frankincense and Myrrh gum resins in combating chronic infections caused by biofilm formation", I am grateful to have received a mark of 95% and completed the master herbalist diploma program, I poured much passion, time and effort into this over the course of two years.

I have currently returned to my home country of Egypt, buried here is more wisdom and knowledge of traditional herbal medicine and practice that is yearning to be rediscovered and shared with the world.

Blessed Journey Herbals is a start-up that I have created to provide our clients in Egypt with the highest quality natural health products, herbs & botanicals, herbal tea blends, salves, infused oils prepared in small batches the same way they were made by traditional herbalists for generations.

We hope that our work and effort can be a blessing to you and your family. 


Karim Barakat, CHHP, MH.
Certified Holistic Health Practitioner | Master Herbalist
Member, American Herbalists Guild
B. Eng. Aerospace Engineering