Germ Theory vs. Terrain Theory

Germ Theory vs. Terrain Theory
One of the most important milestones in a healing journey is to become aware of how we think about healing and dis-ease.

Attacking Candida, Parasites, Bacteria, H-Pylori...etc with Herbal Formulas without addressing heavy metals, mucoid plaque, a congested lymphatic system / Liver & Gallbladder... Adopting a nutritional program based on our current paradigm, restoring the microbiome with living fermented foods/kefir daily will not bring about the healing we seek.

Transform our thinking into "How can I create the most optimal environment inside and outside our body, for our own innate intelligence (Vital Force) to restore normal physiological balance which is the primary definition of Health. Balance, Joy, Vigor, Endurance, Mind, Faith, Strength.

There are no overnight sensations or magic pills / challenges! ... its called a journey because it is a non-transient transformation in our life ... Lets deprogram our minds from the lies we have been fed... do not be afraid to expose fear mongering or medical tyranny. This is our body, our journey, our responsibility to take care of our Health (Physically & Spiritually) and the Health of our family. No one will do it for us. If there is any time in human history that demands our full attention, discernment & preparedness... is right now.

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