The Master Cleanse

Master Cleanse Egypt

This simple and powerful Master Cleanse protocol has for decades offered sufferers of various forms of dis-eases significant and observable healing of the body in a relatively short period of time… It does require resilience, discipline and the courage to take some time to switch off the noise of the world and be still for as long as your mind allows. Hunger for food will dissipate in 3 days, and surprisingly that is the easy phase of the protocol. The challenge is to overcome the hunger for the distractions that keeps your mind from diving deep within your own soul, and begin to experience clarity.

The master cleanse protocol is one that I have and still guide many of my wonderful and powerful clients to perform, after we have done at least one gentle cleanse protocol (which does involve some solid foods, mostly raw fruits, salads and perhaps a steamed wild fish every now and then…), the next phase is the master cleanse…

The Master Cleanse juice recipe is simple:

🌿 500 ml Fresh Sugar Cane Juice (Pure)
🌿 500 ml Distilled Water
🌿 Freshly squeezed juice of 5 lemons
🌿 Pinch of Cayenne Pepper

Protocol: You will fast from solid food completely for the entire duration of the protocol. However, you can drink this juice as much as you want, its important to stay hydrated and its best to drink at least one 500 ml glass of this every hour of the day.

Protocol Duration: 3 days or 7 days or 21 days or 40 days! Depends on your condition and if you do have the luxury to shut off the world for that long.. as you will not and should not be working or driving during this cleanse… resting at home or any secluded area where you can be in nature as much as possible and walk barefoot on soil or sand.

Botanical Blends would significantly augment this fast, I usually give my clients our Gentle Cleanse Herbal Tea Blend and recommend to have 1 – 3 infusions per day during the protocol. Gentle Cleanse is made with certified organic and wildcrafted herbs which support the elimination organs, purifies the blood, rich in minerals while acting as a diuretic to assist the body to expel most of the toxins naturally released by the body during this protocol.

Before trying this out for yourself, please make sure you are working with a qualified and experienced natural health practitioner, especially if you have preexisting conditions or on any medications. But do not let fear steer you away from understanding that the path of natural healing does require you to be brave, take a leap of faith and always listen to your gut! There is an abundance of misinformation on the internet, and censorship, but I believe that if you seek after truth, something will guide you and I wish for you the discernment to differentiate between fear, misinformation, marketing …. And truth. I have mostly found this truth in real people who have overcome various illnesses and have no agenda but to spread and share their knowledge and experience without self-seeking.

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